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Navalny's widow accuses Putin of poisoning

Yulia Navalnaya alleges foul play in husband's death, vows to uncover the truth amidst controversy


Yulia Navalnaya, the wife of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, asserted in a social media video on Monday that her husband was poisoned with Novichok, pointing a finger directly at Vladimir Putin, whom she accused of being responsible for her husband's death. She alleged that Russia is concealing Navalny's body, waiting for traces of Novichok to disappear from his system.

In the video, Navalnaya vowed to uncover the identities of those involved in her husband's death and the reasons behind his demise in what she called the "wolf's prison." Expressing a desire for a free Russia, she pledged to continue Alexei Navalny's work.

Navalnaya's statements followed the revelation by Navalny's representative that his mother and her lawyer were denied access to the 48-year-old politician's body on Monday morning at the morgue where he was reportedly taken.


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