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Neighbours say woman abandoned baby

Cops arrest Cameroonian mother and another man on endangering child charges, details unknown


Police arrested two Cameroonians on Monday early morning after neighbors complained a mother abandoned her little baby at home.

A mother from Cameroon and a 36-year-old male from the same country were detained early Monday morning, following complaints from neighbours who alleged she had abandoned her baby in Nicosia to go out of town.

Police told Knews the woman in question left her residence in Nicosia on Sunday night, leaving her one-year-old infant at home in the care of another male.

Details were not made available regarding the arrest, with police not issuing a report due to the sensitive nature of the case

Later neighbours reportedly called the police alleging the man had abandoned the baby and left the residence. It was not immediately clear how long the baby had been alone according to the allegations, as police did not issue an official report in the case.

Knews learned that the two suspects were arrested on charges of endangering a child. Police did not say whether the arrest took place in Nicosia or whether the mother had returned home prior to her being apprehended by officers. 

Details were not made available regarding the arrest, with police saying their detention was part of a delicate matter in an overall case of a sensitive nature.

Police told Knews the child was picked up by state services and has already been placed in the care of a foster family.

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