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Three women busted on prostitution charges

Women in their 20’s from Africa and Europe arrested in Larnaca and Nicosia on illegal brothel charghes


Three women have been arrested on prostitution-related charges, following a raid in a Larnaca apartment that police described as an illegal brothel.

According to police, two of the arrests took place in Larnaca on Thursday around 1:45pm, during an operation that targeted a suspicious apartment.

The local sex industry is unregulated, where prostitution is not illegal but running a brothel is a punishable offence

Two women were detained on-site while a third female suspect was later apprehended in Nicosia during the course of an investigation.

The three women are foreign nationals, two from Cameroon aged 25 and 26 who were staying in Cyprus on a visa, and another 26-year-old Polish citizen. They were remanded in custody on Friday for six days by the Larnaca Distrcit Court.

A number of items were confiscated from the apartment in Larnaca, while the three women are facing charges for running an illegal brothel and conspiracy to commit a misdemeanour.

The sex industry in the Republic of Cyprus is unregulated. While prostitution is not illegal, running a brothel is an offence punishable by law along with trafficking and pimping activities.

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