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Netanyahu's warning and energy implications

Israel's warning shakes up energy map


In a stern warning, Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the future of the Middle East. While the practical implications of his statement remain to be seen, there's a consensus that the region is poised for significant transformation, according to Angelos Syrigos, an associate professor of international law and foreign policy at the Panteion University of Athens.

Syrigos, speaking on SPOR FM and the Diaspora News Show, elaborated on the potential consequences of this warning. He highlighted that major energy and economic plans are expected to be reshaped in the wake of the recent conflict. Notably, the previously discussed collaboration between Turkey and Israel for the transfer of natural gas through a pipeline is now likely to be derailed. Instead, attention is shifting towards the ambitious electrical interconnection project linking Israel, Cyprus, Crete, mainland Greece, and the EastMed gas pipeline, should it come to fruition.

Moreover, Syrigos identified several other ripple effects on international agreements:

1. The Middle East, traditionally overshadowed by the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, is set to gain more attention. This shift may complicate the supply of arms to Ukraine as global powers recalibrate their priorities.

2. Israel's decision to halt work on a gas field has raised concerns about the planned gas pipeline to Europe. This development comes as a response to the evolving situation in Ukraine and could impact the region's energy dynamics.

3. Israel is gearing up for a complete overhaul of its military doctrine. This strategic shift underscores the nation's commitment to safeguarding its interests in a changing geopolitical landscape.

While Netanyahu's warning may have sounded as a threat, its true implications are still unfolding. The Middle East, a region accustomed to change, is once again at the crossroads of history, and the decisions made in the coming days will shape its future.

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