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New police app set to crack down on unpaid traffic fines

Cutting-edge application targets offenders with unsettled traffic fines

By Marios Christofi

In an upcoming move, a police app designed to pinpoint drivers reported by traffic cameras for unpaid fines is set to launch.

Harris Evripidou, the Assistant Head of Traffic Police Headquarters, revealed to K that the application is ready for deployment. However, he highlighted the necessity of certain approvals from the contracting authority, the electromotive service, before it becomes operational, reassuring that the launch is imminent.

This innovative application, as described by Mr. Evripidou, will not only be deployed at police stations but also at airports, ports, and roadblocks. Its primary function is to identify outstanding fines from traffic cameras while cross-referencing citizens' details. Notably, individuals with unpaid parking tickets will be denied entry unless they settle their fines.

It's essential to emphasize that the traditional method of sending fines through the post will continue, and individuals failing to receive and pay summons within six months will face legal consequences, including potential court proceedings.

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