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New quarantine rules issued for repatriated persons

With the mandatory 14-day quarantine period scrapped on Monday, new protocols came into force


With the mandatory 14-day quarantine for returnees from abroad officially scrapped on Monday, the Health Ministry issued new guidelines whereby those being repatriated will only be required to stay in a quarantine hotel until their test results are out.

According to the Health Ministry, those returning to Cyprus in the period between Monday and June 8 will be tested for coronavirus upon their arrival, before being transferred to a designated hotel until results are issued.

If a repatriated person is found positive for the virus, they will be able to choose whether they would like to remain in self-isolation at home or at the Eden Resort, Wellness and Rehabilitation Centre in the Tersefanou village of the Larnaca district.

Additionally, other repatriated persons who are considered contacts of the positive coronavirus case will also be required to remain quarantined in hotels designated by the Deputy Tourism Ministry for an additional two days, after which they will be re-tested for the virus to assess whether the virus had spread among the group of returnees.

If their second test emerges negative, they will be allowed to return home in order to complete their 14-day quarantine there, following self-isolation protocols.

If the test comes out negative, repatriated persons will still need to remain in isolation for the period of time defined by protocols and guidelines.

Earlier on Monday, the Transport Ministry announced that in line with the scrapping of the mandatory 14-day quarantine, as approved by the Cabinet on May 22, those already quarantined in hotels on the basis of the previous protocol would need to make arrangements to be transferred to their homes in order to complete their quarantine period there.

But the Health Ministry’s announcement said after many currently quarantined in hotels expressed concern over the protection of themselves and their close environment, those already in quarantine hotels will be able to remain there until their quarantine period ends.


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