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Changes in scooter legislation

Ensures safety of users


During its session yesterday, the Council of Ministers approved two bills for the regulation of Personal Mobility Devices, also known as scooters or e-scooters.

Though scooters are usually for recreational use, more and more people are using them as a means of transportation.  Especially those living in cities where scooter access is available.  The bills aim to make the use of scooters safer when utilized in public areas.

Upon approval from Parliament, scooters will be allowed only on bike paths or approved areas only.  Those operating scooters must be over the age of 16, must use a helmet, and carry third-party insurance if they are rentals.  Moreover, the scooter must have a working brake system, front and rear lights, and a bell with its maximum speed not exceeding 15 km per hour.

The main bill also includes regulations on the obligations of importers, manufacturers and sellers of scooters who must maintain definitive safety standards.  Penalties will be applied for non-compliance.

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works is creating a public information campaign which will be announced 



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