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Nikolaou's unexpected resignation causes stir in media

Nikolaou to leave Morning Show

Ioanna Kyriakou

Giannakis Nikolaou, in a recent development, has expressed his intention to resign following the controversy surrounding journalist Despina Roussos' departure from the "Morning Itinerary" show. This announcement was made during his appearance before the Committee on Human Rights and Equal Opportunities for Men and Women.

George Kantas, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Rick, clarified the situation, stating that Mr. Nikolaou has not officially submitted his resignation yet. He emphasized Rick's stance, saying, "At Rick, we believe that every employee can contribute, and no one should be excluded." Additionally, Mr. Kantas revealed that the board was unaware of Mr. Nikolaou's intention to resign prior to this revelation. He stressed the importance of preserving individuals' reputations and careers, even in the face of mistakes or failures, and mentioned that Rick is committed to rectifying its errors and learning from them.

During the recent session of the Human Rights Committee, which examined the handling of journalist Despina Roussos by Rick's management and administration, Giannakis Nikolaou addressed the matter. He remarked, "There have been blatant falsehoods and half-truths surrounding this case. While I won't divulge everything I know, I want to state that I supported Ms. Roussos. I take full responsibility for our current situation, acknowledging that there were mistakes and missteps. I declare that upon returning to Rick, I will formally submit my resignation. This action serves as a response to the previous discussions about responsibilities, sparing the management from taking further actions." Following this statement, Mr. Nikolaou left the session.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]


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