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Occupied areas to feature on Google's StreetView

''Minister of Public Works and Technology'' signs protocol, aiming to boost region's visibility and economic potential

Newsroom / CNA

A protocol for the integration of roads in the occupied territories into Google's platforms was signed by the "Minister of Public Works and Transport," Erhan Arikli, and the Director of Fact Innovation and Technologies Ltd, Sadi Yolgetsen.

According to reports from the T/C press today, Mr. Arikli stated the pseudo-state had taken a crucial step to enhance its visibility on the international stage. He emphasized that thanks to the protocol, the "country's" main roads, highways, and roads within the provinces would be scanned with a special vehicle and camera. The obtained data will be published on Google's platforms (StreetView), providing an opportunity to showcase the tourism and economic potential of the occupation regime to a wider audience. This initiative aims to offer facilities for potential visitors and investors.

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