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18 July, 2019
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Old building collapse in downtown Nicosia

Emergency responders seen early morning with sniffing dogs and thermal cameras


First responders went on high alert Tuesday morning following the collapse of an old building in downtown Nicosia.

According to local media, an old two-storey residential building in the old town of Nicosia collapsed overnight, on Ippokratous Street near the OXI area.

The building was described as uninhabitable, but fire fighters and emergency responders were seen early morning using thermal cameras and sniffing dogs to locate any possible trapped victims. It later turned out that nobody was inside the building during the collapse.

Poor structural integrity

The building, where a fire had broken out in the past, became more unstable and unsafe due to weather conditions and heavy rainfall.

The surrounding area in the street has been filled with huge piles of debris, according to local reports, as authorities attempt to clear the area.

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