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Woman dies in fire after explosion in Nicosia

One dead in fire caused by explosion at a Nicosia café, other residents manage to evacuate building


A woman died inside a Nicosia apartment following an explosion and ensuing fire in an adjacent café early morning on Wednesday.

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According to local reports, the Fire Department received an emergency call just before 3am regarding a powerful explosion and raging fire on Costakis Pandelides Street.

Residents evacuated the building but one woman did not manage to escape the fire

Fire fighters who rushed to the scene immediately began attempts to contain the fire, which had spread into the skylight area of a residential building.

Residents evacuated the building as soon as they realised the extent of the raging fire, while fire fighters managed to extinguish it by 5am.

Following a search throughout the building, a woman was discovered inside an apartment on the second floor. She was rushed to the Emergency Room where doctors on duty pronounced her dead on arrival.

Witnesses said the initial blast was a very powerful and very loud explosion.

Police and the fire department are investigating the case, while arson has not been ruled out.

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