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Omonoia fans take win to the streets

Rival supporters in Nicosia and Limassol spoil Omonoia celebrations after victory over Red Star


Police went on high alert Wednesday night after Omonoia Nicosia reached the Champions League playoffs, with reports saying supporters from rival clubs were throwing rocks at cars with fans who were celebrating the team’s achievement.

Omonoia Nicosia knocked out Red Star Belgrade on Wednesday, with a 4-2 penalty shootout after the match ended 1-1 following regular and extra time, fans spilled into the streets to celebrate their club’s first-time reaching the playoffs.

Fans of the Nicosia team spilled into the capital’s streets outside their Lakatamia headquarters in the west and Pallouriotissa in the eastern part of town, celebrating Brazilian goalkeeper Fabiano who reached his apotheosis after saving two penalties in the shootout.

Traffic police went on high alert during the celebrations, while according to local media, Omonoia fans reported attacks on vehicles after supporters from rival teams were allegedly throwing rocks at passing cars honking in the streets during the celebrations.

Reports said at least one woman in Nicosia was injured while sitting inside a vehicle with children outside APOEL club’s building. Media sources said a total of six vehicles were struck by rocks believed to have been thrown by APOEL fans from the yard of a vocational school in the area.

Similar incidents took place in Limassol, with reports saying perpetrators believed to be supporters of local team AEL had shown up and were involved in physical altercations with Omonoia fans. A number of parked vehicles were damaged while riot police took action to stop the altercations.

Reports also said a group of individuals launched an attack on the APOEL building, causing minor damages. Media sources said a small group of APOEL fans had been throwing rocks at cars of Omonoia fans who were honking in the streets to mark their team’s unique victory.

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