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Law professor takes on manslaughter case

Russian suspect accused in unlawful killing of Ukrainian man in Paphos picks local academic for defence


The Russian suspect accused of being behind the death of a Ukrainian man in Paphos has appointed a law professor for his defence, a Cypriot attorney with research interests in criminal procedures.

According to local media, a 38-year-old Russian national who is facing manslaughter charges in the death of 46-year-old Igor Kamanets from Ukraine, will remain behind bars after his arraignment hearing on Wednesday was pushed back.

Last week the defendant had requested a lawyer before entering a plea to manslaughter charges. Artemis Savvidou, a Paphos-based lawyer who teaches criminal law, was identified on Wednesday as the defence attorney.

Savvidou, an academic who has taught practice of criminal law and criminal procedure with a Cypriot law specialization, requested more time to review her client’s file before he could enter a plea. She has until September 30 to prepare her client for his arraignment.

Police prosecutors say the defendant was implicated by the victim’s girlfriend, who told investigators her late boyfriend had told her two days before he died that a “worthless man was waiting for me to ambush me and you were right about him.”

The victim's girlfriend identified the Russian suspect as the alleged perpetrator, telling investigators after the stabbing Kamanets had told her the defendant was responsible for the attack

The woman identified the Russian suspect as the alleged perpetrator, telling investigators that after the stabbing incident Kamanets had told her that the suspect was responsible for the attack.

But reports said the victim did not refer to the suspect by name.

The woman, who was also placed under arrest on a migration violation according to local media, reportedly had told police investigators that she understood Kamanets was talking about the defendant.

Kamanets was stabbed on July 15 but the incident came to light three days later when he visited the Emergency Room with a stab wound in the abdomen.

Reports said the victim's brother had driven him to the ER at Paphos General Hospital.

Different accounts of events

Kamanets reportedly had told doctors he initially did not think the injury was serious, while also telling police officers, who rushed to the ER to investigate, that he was hitchhiking three days back when a car stopped to offer a ride.

The victim said an unknown male in the front passenger seat got out of a dark Mazda and demanded money for a car ride but ended up stabbing him after Kamanets refused to pay some €40.

But police said the victim’s version of events did not appear to hold up.

Both Kamanets’ girlfriend and his brother, along with another friend of the victim, have all reportedly picked the defendant out of a police lineup, saying the suspect was the man to whom the victim was referring as the one responsible for his demise.

Another suspect wanted

One other suspect in the case is still wanted by police, with reports police have an eye witness who says the defendant and the second suspect were both at the scene.

Prosecutors, who downgraded initial charges of attempted murder to murder conspiracy and premeditated charges, are going after the defendant on manslaughter.

They also said they have ordered his phone records to be examined by forensic experts.


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