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Parked buses torched next to police headquarters

Swat team armory stored in police camp declared safe after evening fire in adjacent lot


A handful of buses parked in an open area next to police Special Forces in Nicosia went up in flames on Tuesday, with officials saying an armory was safe following the incident.

According to local media, a total of seven buses were affected by a fire incident Tuesday evening around 8pm on Kyrenias Avenue, where four of them went up in flames in a parking lot adjacent to the swat team camp near Cyprus Police Headquarters.

The incident took place near a parking area for buses belonging to Kapnos Airport Shuttle Nicosia, but the company issued a statement saying the torched buses did not belong to firm.

Police spokesperson Christos Andreou said three buses were completely destroyed in the fire, another sustained extensive damages, while two others were affected by the flames.

Cypress trees along the fence between the parking lot and the police camp were also affected.

“There are no security cameras in the specific area but nearby footage from close circuit systems will be examined,” Andreou said.

The official also clarified that an armory of the special police unit and Swat teams “was protected” and added “it is in a safe location.”

Fire Department officials said they suspected arson.

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