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Persistent dad arrested after school files complaint

Father accused of threatening busy school principal denies charge, says he simply wanted to discuss measures


A father in Paphos was arrested this week after a school administration filed a complaint with police saying he made threats over the phone, with the dad denying the accusations and saying he was simply trying to reach the principal who wouldn’t take his call.

According to police, a 32-year-old male, whose son attends a school in Paphos district, was detained on threat of violence charges, with a communications officer telling Knews the case involved allegations of making threats over the phone.

Local media said the suspect had called his son’s primary school in Emba, Paphos district, and asked the female administrative assistant who answered the phone to be connected to the principal’s office.

After the administrative secretary said the principal could not come to the phone, he allegedly threatened he would go to her house and cause harm to her husband and children

According to police, a complaint filed by the school administration said the suspect was told that the principal was preoccupied and then he proceeded to make verbal threats against the principal’s family.

The identity of the complainant was not made known but according to the Cyprus News Agency, Paphos police deputy director Michalis Ioannou implied the complaint was filed by the school principal.

“After the administrative secretary said the principal could not come to the phone at that given moment, he allegedly threatened he would go to the residence of the complainant and cause harm to her husband and children,” CNA wrote.

But the suspect denies ever threatening the school principal.

Local media said the 32-year-old suspect, who was released from custody after charges were pressed against him, has denied the accusations and claimed he only wanted to talk to the principal, according to Ioannou.

Police told Knews the suspect had made phone calls to the school recently, prior to the alleged incident, asking to speak with officials about measures based on health ministry decrees concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

The crime of threat of violence is a misdemeanor in the Republic of Cyprus and could be punishable by a three year prison sentence.

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