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Petrides announces 5 mln euros for development projects in 94 communities

Τhe aim is to revive and develop rural areas and to strengthen communities

Newsroom / CNA

Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides has announced that 5 mln euros have been allocated for this year to carry out 115 small development projects in 94 communities mostly in the mountain regions of the island.

He told reporters that the aim is to revive and develop rural areas and to strengthen communities, helping them become tourist, cultural, agricultural and environmental development hubs.

The funds, he explained, were saved from the 2018 budget. A similar project last year had an absorption rate of 95% with 50% of the 5m euros this year scheduled for improving the rural road network.

Petrides said the ministry aims to create conditions for balanced sustainable development, entrepreneurship and employment opportunities in rural areas. "To achieve balanced sustainable development, development projects are promoted in all rural areas, to improve the quality of life in the countryside, helping to contain the existing population, but also to attract new inhabitants to the countryside, while protecting and highlighting the cultural heritage and our natural wealth," he said.

He also announced that € 4,997,700 will be allocated to 94 communities for 115 projects in the provinces as follows: For Nicosia, € 1,232,720 for 25 projects in 20 communities, in Limassol district € 713,500 for 31 projects in 29 communities, in Larnaca district € 730,000 for 16 projects in 14 communities, in Paphos district € 1,591,480 for 28 projects in 26 communities and in Famagusta District € 730,000 for 15 projects in 5 communities.

Furthermore, he explained that the projects concerned improvements to roads and pedestrian zones making communities more accessible, enhancing road safety, cultural and other centers, landscaping and construction, improvement of parks and green areas and flood protection works.

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