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Police warn public over phone scams

People pretending to be corrupt cops try to intervene in made-up accidents for a fee


Cyprus police are warning the public not to let their guard down, following a number of complaints they say they have received about telephone scams aimed at stealing money and jewelry.

In one of the latest phone scams, imposters appear to be calling homes using a phone number that cannot be displayed or may be shown as “unknown” telling people that a loved one has been involved in an accident, according to police. 

Typically the scammers will pretend to be police officers and might say that a son or a daughter had been involved in a traffic accident, causing the death of another driver.

Police say the imposters have been telling people, especially the elderly, that they can intervene to make sure their grandchild won’t face criminal charges.

Police say imposters are offering to intervene to make sure someone's grandchild or loved one won’t face criminal charges

They often ask for money or jewelry, according to police.

Authorities are advising the public to be cautious and never trust this kind of people, since “thjey are crooks” according to a statement issued on Wednesday.

Police are asking anyone, who may have suspicions or become aware of such an encounter, to call the nearest station or dial the citizen hot line at 1460.

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