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President Christodoulides spearheads healthcare reform in Cyprus

Government to implement patients' rights charter

Newsroom / CNA

Τhe President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, announced "bold reforms" in the health sector, while addressing on Monday an event for the European Patients' Rights Day, organised by the Cyprus Federation of Patients’ Associations (CyFPA) at the Presidential Palace.

President Christodoulides said that reforms are expected soon, along with a number of pieces of legislation that are in their final stages of preparation.

In particular, the President noted that the establishment of the Ombudsman will proceed within 2024, one of whose tasks, as the President explained, will be to ensure that the 14 principles of the Charter of Patients' Rights are implemented in Cyprus. Moreover, as he said in his introduction, these 14 rights "should be recognised and, most importantly, fully respected in every state, not just through fine words and statements, but through policies."

Speaking about legislation involving bold reforms, the President said that these are pieces of legislation that will also provoke certain reactions. He added that "these bold reforms have the sole aim of protecting the GHS, which is the biggest social reform to date." He went on to say that no one expected such a major reform to be implemented without problems and that the government intends to address any distortions and challenges.

"There is important work that we have to do as a State, but I believe that since the adoption of the Charter, significant steps have been taken in our country and these steps have been taken largely because of the work of the CyFPA," the President said, stressing that "CyFPA is the strongest non-governmental organisation."

He also said that the Government has common goals and common objectives with the CyFPA, noting that its actions "contribute greatly to the formulation of policies in the broader health sector and to this great effort both for me and for the whole Government, the Ministers."

"It is our duty as a State to listen to the needs of citizens and do our utmost to defend patients and their rights," the President said.


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