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Rain clouds looming over inland Cyprus

Strong winds expected along rain chances inland and mountains, temps pick up later in the week


A weak low pressure system is affecting Cyprus on Tuesday, with chances of showers and strong winds expected in the afternoon while temperatures will rise later in the week.

According to weather officials, Tuesday skies will remain mostly clear in the afternoon but cloud formations over the mountains and parts in the interior could bring showers over local areas.

Winds will be moderate but will get stronger in the afternoon along the southern coastline, reaching 5 points on the Beaufort scale.

Temperature highs will climb to 33 degrees Celsius inland, 26 in the west, around 29 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 24 high up in the mountains. 

Evening skies will be mostly clear with scattered clouds over local areas, while thin fog is expected to form overnight very early in the morning.

Temperature lows will drop to 15 degrees inland, around 18 along the coast, and 12 high up in the mountains.

Mostly clear weather is expected to continue throughout the workweek but scattered clouds will also remain in the picture over local areas.

Temperatures are expected to remain the same through Wednesday while a gradual rise will start taking place Thursday and Friday, with levels expected to reach slightly above normal averages for this time of the year.

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