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Roommates dead in apparent CO poisoning

Two dead, one injured after housemates fire up grill indoors to keep place warm at night


Two men were found dead on Epiphany Day at their place of residence in Lakatamia, with preliminary reports suggesting they suffocated after inhaling high levels of carbon monoxide produced by a charcoal grill.

Police said two men from Cameroon died in an apparent carbon monoxide poisoning incident in Lakatamia, Nicosia district, in a house behind a supermarket.

Local media said another person spotted the two males unconscious in their bedroom on Thursday morning, while a third individual in the residence had lost consciousness.

Local media also said a grill with charcoal briquettes had been in use in the bedroom as an alternative source of power.

Carbon monoxide can build up in unventilated spaces where people and animals can be poisoned and die

Preliminary reports suggested the deaths were caused by inhaling carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless gas that can cause sudden illness and death.

Most common symptoms of CO poisoning are headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion. High levels of CO inhalation can cause loss of consciousness and death.

CO is found in fumes produced by burning charcoal and wood. It can build up in unventilated spaces where people and animals can be poisoned and can die from breathing CO.

The condition of the third person was not immediately clear but reports said he had been transported to Nicosia General Hospital.

Police did not issue a report on the incident but told Knews there was an ongoing investigation.

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