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Search expanded on burning ferry; 10 still missing

The body of a Greek man was discovered inside the ship Sunday

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

Fire service rescuers expanded a search on Monday inside a burning ferry now anchored off the Greek island of Corfu where 10 people remain missing.

The fire on the Italian-flagged Euroferry Olympia is burning for a fourth day but rescuers have gained more access inside the 183-meter (600 foot) vessel after containing the blaze.

The extent of the damage on an Italian-owned ferry that caught fire off the island of Corfu Friday was revealed in photos published on Monday.

Several burned trucks with their tires reduced to melted rubber can be seen aboard the Euroferry Olympia which was carrying more than 290 passengers and crew as well as 153 trucks and 32 cars.

The body of a Greek man was discovered inside the ship Sunday. A total of 281 people were rescued. They included two men who were airlifted by rescuers off the ferry and a third man who managed to free himself and reach the deck of the vessel after being trapped for more than two days.

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