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Senior CIA officer takes public stance on Israel-Palestine crisis

Official's social media posts stir diplomatic concerns


In an unusual move, a high-ranking CIA official has stirred controversy by posting a pro-Palestine image on Facebook amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

According to a report in the Financial Times, the associate deputy director for analysis changed her Facebook cover photo to an image often associated with criticisms of Israel, prompting concerns within the intelligence community.

The official, whose identity remains undisclosed due to safety concerns raised by the intelligence agency, also shared a selfie with a "Free Palestine" sticker. Notably, this image was posted years ago, according to sources, predating the current conflict.

While some argue that the posts were not intended to express a stance on the conflict, others view it as a glaring lapse in judgment, especially considering the official's role in overseeing the production of the President's Daily Brief.

The CIA, emphasizing its commitment to analytic objectivity, stated that officers may have personal views but affirmed their dedication to unbiased analysis. However, former intelligence officials expressed worries about potential bias and its impact on the agency's relationships, particularly with Israeli intelligence.

This revelation comes amid internal divisions within the Biden administration over its stance on Israel, with dissent expressed through formal protests and letters.

The president's support for Israel's response to the recent Hamas attack has generated significant disagreement among staff, prompting efforts to address concerns through listening sessions.

As CIA Director Bill Burns engages in meetings in Qatar with Israeli intelligence and Qatari officials, the social media activity of a senior intelligence officer has drawn unexpected attention, raising questions about the broader implications on diplomatic relations and the perception of bias within the intelligence community.

[With information sourced from Financial Times]

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