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Sheepdog saves stranded ewes in Welsh flood rescue

Meet Patsy, the sheepdog who saved the day

Source: Metro UK

A sheepdog saved the day by rescuing three ewes cut off by floodwater caused by Storm Babet.

Farmer Llyr Derwydd, 44, had gone to check on his sheep in Flintshire, near Ruthin, Wales, when he spotted the trio of stranded ewes.

Knowing his sheepdog Patsy was a strong swimmer he gave her the command to herd the animals and without hesitation, off she went across the water, before guiding the sheep back to safety.

Mr Derwydd decided to check all the farm’s sheep were safe after heavy rain during Storm Babet caused significant flooding in the area.

He said: ‘That’s when we saw the three ewes stranded on this little spot on the field.

‘It was getting smaller and smaller so we thought we’d better get them off and make sure they’re safe.

‘I just thought, ‘I’ll see if the dog will go’. I gave her the command and she swam across.

‘It was quite dangerous because I didn’t know how deep it was. She’s a strong swimmer and she was able to swim across.

‘I knew she was quite a good swimmer otherwise I wouldn’t have done that, but I was quite surprised that she didn’t have any issues, she just went.

‘(It) saved me getting wet and getting into a dangerous situation and saved the sheep so it was perfect.’

One person on social media suggested a Mr Derwydd reward Patsy with a T-bone steak, but the farmer said that as a working dog her treat was ‘a pat on her head’, being told ‘she’s a good girl’ and an extra dog biscuit.

Three people in the UK have died as a result of Storm Babet, a Tui plane skidded off the runway at Leeds Bradford airport and several major road sections and rail routes were closed.

The Met Office said the ‘exceptionally wet and unsettled weather’ will continue through the coming days.

It issued a second red warning – the most serious warning that signifies a potential danger to life – for parts of eastern Scotland, were 70-100mm of rain is set to fall today.

More rain is also expected across Wales, northern England and the Midlands, where warnings are in place, the Met explained.

Meanwhile the far north of Scotland and southern areas of the UK will see a mix of sunshine and showers over the coming days.

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