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The Greek 'Amazon' will be expanding into Cyprus hoping to increase customer satisfaction

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

Skroutz is once again expanding abroad.  The largest marketplace in Greece is now shipping orders to Cyprus as well. In fact, the management’s intentions, albeit in the long term, are to expand to more countries, so that the marketplace acquires a broad international character and – if anything – turn into the “Greek Amazon.”

For now, however, attention is focused on the Cypriot market with the aim of increasing the number of traders from Greece who will ship products to Cyprus, while also creating a network of partner traders based in Cyprus in order to allow Skroutz to deliver products the day after the order has been placed (next-day delivery).

The shipment of products to Cyprus began on a pilot basis at the end of July, and now the Greek marketplace is starting its collaboration with Cypriot traders. Today, the number of companies that send products from Greece to Cyprus through Skroutz Marketplace, according to information Kathimerini has obtained, has reached 3,000, and this number is increasing on a daily basis.

In this regard, Yannis Alivizatos, chief operations officer at Skroutz, said: “The availability of the product shipping service to the consumers of Cyprus enhances the presence of Skroutz in the Cypriot market. This is another step in the implementation of our strategy for a seamless shopping experience for consumers at all stages, making online shopping easier and safer. The Cypriot market is of strategic importance for Skroutz, with our next goal being to expand the network of traders that ship to Cyprus, as well as to create a network of partners based on the island so that our users can enjoy an even better experience.”

Notably, Skroutz has taken some steps abroad before, but in a different form, with the creation of two subsidiaries, in Turkey in 2013 and in Britain in 2015. However, those efforts did not prove successful, with Skroutz eventually withdrawing from both markets.

Skroutz was founded in Athens in 2005 and currently employs over 700 workers. Its partner corporations exceed 12,000 and on a monthly basis, its site records 8.5 million unique visits.

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