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Sleight of hand con artists arrested

Police apprehend three men in recent string of currency exchange and money transfer con jobs


Three men were arrested on Wednesday in connection with a series of con jobs where they are accused of defrauding currency exchange tellers by sleight of hand.

Two 42-year-olds, whose photo was released earlier this week, along with a 64-year-old man, were apprehended Wednesday morning following a tip from a private citizen.

The person who notified police, around 9:20am, recognised the two men in the photo at a convenience store in Limassol, which also operates as a money transfer stall.

The suspects were attempting to send €3000 abroad, according to media reports, and police officers rushed to the scene and detained them. During a search, the men were found to have $10,709 as well as £200 in their possession, all in cash.

The person who notified police recognised the two men in the photo at a convenience store in Limassol, which also operates as a money transfer stall

Last week, a Nicosia resident was duped by the con artist duo, the two men in the police photo, when he was asked to exchange $11,000 in cash. After the victim counted the dollar bills himself, the two men placed the money in an envelope, sealed it, and handed it over in exchange of €8800 also in cash.

But when the two suspects left, the man opened the envelope only to find $600.

A similar incident took place a day later in Paphos, according to authorities, when the suspects attempted a currency exchange and got away with €8000. The suspects gave an envelope to the teller, which he counted by himself, and then he gave them another envelope with the equivalent cash in euros.

However, using a sleight of hand, the suspects managed to give the teller an empty envelope, but he realised it too late, after the suspects had left the store. 

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