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Some test results unavailable as deadline ends

Police call on motorists at roadblocks to have documents and SMS results ready for quick display


People in Paphos and Limassol districts traveling to other areas must show a negative PCR test after a deadline ended Thursday morning, but some workers who tested for the coronavirus earlier this week never heard back from the lab or received results addressed to someone else.

According to local media, a number of workers who tested for the coronavirus as early as Monday had not received their results by Wednesday evening, a day before a new measure requiring PCR negative test results at roadblocks was scheduled to go into effect at 5am. 

Additional reports said many other workers, who wish to travel outside of Paphos or Limassol districts, many of whom have jobs in the capital, received text messages but the test results were addressed to other individuals. Health officials and test lab representatives were reportedly working overtime to text results in time for people to pass through roadblocks for legitimate travel.

Health officials and test lab representatives were reportedly working overtime to text results in time for people to pass through roadblocks for legitimate travel

A ban on movement of persons to and from Paphos and Limassol districts, including between the two areas, is currently in place except for those working in essential services, traveling for a medical incident, or air and sea passengers in transit.

Citizens who wish to travel through roadblocks under an exception category, such as essential work or a medical event, are expected to show proof that they tested negative for the coronavirus in the last seven days.

But not everyone will be stopped at roadblocks during peak hours, following instructions from police and Justice Minister Emily Yiolitis, who said Monday that she instructed police to carry out only random checks during rush hour to avoid bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Officials said there were fewer vehicles on the highway near roadblocks on Thursday early morning, with police calling on motorists to have their documents and text messages ready for display as they approach a roadblock, especially during peak hours.

Police spokesperson Christos Andreou confirmed Thursday morning on state radio that officers have been instructed to check for both documented proof for letigimate travel as well as a negative PCR before allowing motorists to go through a roadblock.

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