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21 July, 2024
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Spotty rainfall and cool breezes ahead

Expect varied weather patterns this week


Get ready for a mixed bag of weather in Cyprus this week, folks! We've got sunny skies lined up, but don't be surprised if a few raindrops crash the party.

Today's forecast calls for clear skies across the island, but keep an eye out for some extra clouds rolling in as the day rolls on. Around midday and later, these clouds might bring some scattered showers, especially up in the mountains. And hey, don't rule out a sprinkle of snow or sleet up in Troodos!

Winds will start off gentle from the southeast to southwest, then pick up a bit by the afternoon, swirling in from the southwest to northwest. The sea should stay pretty calm, maybe a little choppy. Temps will hit about 19 degrees Celsius inland and along the coast, but it'll be cooler, around 8 degrees Celsius up in the mountains.

Tonight, expect clear skies, though coastal areas might see a few more clouds and maybe a light sprinkle. Winds will be light and variable, and the sea should stay pretty calm. Temperatures will drop, hitting around 7 degrees Celsius inland, about 8 degrees Celsius along the coast, and down to 1 degree Celsius up in the mountains.

Looking ahead, Wednesday and Thursday should start off clear but might get a bit cloudy later, maybe even a few showers in the mountains. Friday looks mostly clear, but we might see some low clouds in the mountains and maybe some high clouds passing through.

Temperatures shouldn't change much until Friday, so keep an eye on the forecast and grab your umbrella, just in case!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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