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Meteorologists sound red alert as blistering heatwave brings record 45°C – relief in sight soon


The Meteorological Department has issued a red warning for today, effective from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., as temperatures are expected to reach a scorching 45 degrees Celsius.

In an early Friday morning statement, the Department announced that the previous orange warning has been replaced by the new red warning, number 45. The maximum temperature in the interior is anticipated to climb to around 45 degrees Celsius, while higher altitudes will see temperatures of approximately 35 degrees.

A warm air mass is currently affecting the region, but it is expected to gradually subside starting tomorrow. However, there will be occasional light dust in the atmosphere.

Today’s weather will be predominantly clear but extremely warm. On the coast, low clouds may appear in some areas. During the midday hours and later, clouds are likely to develop in the highlands, which could result in isolated brief rain showers. Winds will initially blow from the northeast to southeast, locally shifting to the southwest, and will be light to moderate at 3 to 4 Beaufort. By the afternoon, winds will mainly come from the southwest to northwest at the same intensity. The sea conditions will range from calm to slightly rough.

Temperatures will rise to around 45 degrees inland, approximately 36 degrees on the south, east, and north coasts, about 34 degrees on the west coast, and near 35 degrees in the higher mountains.

Tonight, the weather will remain mostly clear. Later in the evening and during the early morning hours, sparse fog or mist may form in some places. Winds will be from the northwest to northeast, and on the northern coast from the southeast, light and occasionally moderate at 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea will stay calm to slightly rough, though it will become a bit rougher in the west later on. Temperatures will drop to around 25 degrees inland and on the coast, and about 23 degrees in the higher mountains.

The weather on Saturday is forecasted to be mostly clear, accompanied by a stronger wind field. This clear weather pattern is expected to continue on Sunday.

By Monday, the weather will start mostly clear, but clouds will increase locally during the midday hours and afterward, which may result in isolated rain, especially in the mountains.

While temperatures will gradually decrease noticeably until Monday, they will still remain above the seasonal average.

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