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Turkey and pseudo-state are 'two states, but one nation'

According to 'Prime Minister' Sucuoglu

Source: CNA

The "Prime Minister" and Chairman of the National Unity Party (KEE), Faiz Sucuoglu, met yesterday with the General Director of Turkish State Television (TRT), Hasan Oymen, and its representative in the occupied territories, Sefa Karasashan.

According to reports from "Vatan", in his statements during the meeting Mr. Sucuoglu referred to the importance of the two "state bodies", TRT and Bayrak, on the issue of further strengthening the "humanitarian and cultural ties between the Turkish Cypriot people and the motherland of Turkey ", stating that these two "institutions" have been closely cooperating for several years.

According to the Press and Information Office, the opening of a "representative" office of the Turkish state channel in the occupied territories is of great importance to the Turkish Cypriot "people" and said that the role played by TRT in the promotion of tourism in the TRNC is very important.

"We may be two states, but we are one nation," he said.

Sucuoglu continued by saying that the pseudo-state holds an important position both in terms of strategy and the issue of hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean, adding that together with Turkey they have a "common destiny and future" in the region.

Mr. Oymen congratulated the pseudo-state, the KEE and Sucuoglu on the outcome of the illegal elections, adding that the opening of a "representative office" of the Turkish state channel in the pseudo-state had, he claimed, upgraded their representation status.

Oymen added that from now on the Turkish media will deal more extensively with the developments in the pseudo-state.

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