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15 April, 2024
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Sun with a side of gentle breezes, perfect day ahead

Cooling trend signals soothing weather shift


The region is enveloped in a serene atmosphere, with the high-pressure system gracefully receding, accompanied by sporadic dust particles lingering in the air until Friday.

Today's weather brings a sense of tranquility, with the sun reigning supreme amidst occasional wisps of gentle clouds. Winds whisper softly, starting as a gentle breeze at 3 Beaufort, gradually shifting from southwest to northwest, maintaining their mild demeanor, occasionally reaching a soothing 4 Beaufort by afternoon.

The sea mirrors this peacefulness, ranging from serene to gently ruffled. Temperatures rise to a comforting 34 degrees Celsius inland, a balmy 29 degrees Celsius along the southern, eastern, and northern shores, a cozy 24 degrees Celsius along the western coastlines, and a refreshing 23 degrees Celsius in the lofty mountain peaks.

Tonight offers a sanctuary of clear skies and tranquil breezes. Winds serenade the night, initially flowing from the southwest to the northwest, gradually tapering to a gentle 3 Beaufort. The sea, a picture of tranquility, barely stirs. Temperatures retreat to a soothing 14 degrees Celsius inland and along the coast, and a cool 12 degrees Celsius in the mountain retreats.

Looking ahead to Thursday and Friday, the days hold promises of continued tranquility, with clear skies gracing the region, interrupted only by fleeting wisps of low clouds along the western shores.

Saturday welcomes a seamless transition, beginning with tranquil skies that gradually yield to gathering clouds around midday. These clouds, though, bring only gentle showers and the occasional distant rumble of thunder, primarily over the peaceful mountain landscapes but also caressing the inland and eastern realms with their soft touch.

Temperatures, like a gentle lullaby, gradually descend until Saturday, maintaining their reassuring presence just above the comforting embrace of seasonal norms.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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