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Sunny skies with occasional clouds

Light rain possible in West and Northwest


The weather forecast for this Friday and the upcoming weekend offers a mixed bag of conditions, including partly cloudy skies, isolated rain, and rising temperatures.

On Friday, residents can anticipate partly cloudy conditions at various times of the day. However, initial concerns arise in the western and northwestern regions, where isolated light rain is not out of the question. As the day progresses, particularly during the midday hours and beyond, isolated showers are expected. These showers are more likely to occur in the mountainous regions but may also affect certain areas in the eastern half of the island.

According to the latest forecast from the Met Office, temperature readings are set to climb. Inland areas can expect temperatures to rise to around 30 degrees Celsius, while the west coast will experience a milder 26 degrees Celsius. Along the rest of the coast, temperatures will hover around 28 degrees Celsius. Higher mountain areas are likely to remain cooler, with temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius.

As we head into the weekend and Monday, the weather is forecasted to be mostly clear, albeit with occasional patchy clouds drifting by.

Today, expect partly cloudy skies, particularly in the western and northwestern areas. The possibility of isolated light rain should not be ruled out, especially during midday and later in the day. Isolated showers are anticipated, predominantly in the mountainous regions, but eastern areas may also experience some rain.

Winds are expected to primarily blow from the southwest to northwest, initially light at 3 Beaufort and gradually becoming moderate at 4 Beaufort. Out at sea, conditions will range from calm to a little rough, with some turbulence expected in the afternoon, particularly in the south.

Temperature readings today will vary, with the inland areas reaching around 30 degrees Celsius, the west coast at 26 degrees Celsius, and the rest of the coast hovering around 28 degrees Celsius. In higher mountain areas, the temperature is expected to be cooler, at approximately 20 degrees Celsius.

Tonight, the weather will transition to mostly clear conditions, with the possibility of patchy low clouds forming locally on the coast. Winds will be light, mainly downslope, at 3 Beaufort. The sea is expected to remain calm to a little rough. Overnight temperatures will drop to around 16 degrees Celsius inland, around 18 degrees Celsius on the coast, and as low as 12 degrees Celsius in the higher mountain areas.

Throughout the weekend and into Monday, temperatures are not expected to undergo significant changes. They are likely to remain above the average climatic values for this season, providing residents with consistently mild conditions.

Keep an eye on the weather and stay prepared for possible isolated showers and varying temperatures as you plan your outdoor activities this weekend.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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