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Tatar: Turkish Cypriot proposals will also benefit Greek side

His goal as 'president' is to continue the search for reconciliation

Source: CNA

The proposals he submitted to the President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades through the United Nations are aimed "at the well-being and happiness of the Turkish Cypriots", but at the same time they will also benefit the Greek Cypriot side, the leader of the occupied side claimed, according to "Kibris" and as reported by the Press and Information Office

In a speech at a reception he gave on the occasion of the "celebrations" for the Turkish invasion, Mr. Tatar pointed out that his goal as "president" is to continue the search for reconciliation and referred to the new proposals that were prepared with this in mind.

In the documents submitted to the Greek Cypriot side,  Ersin Tatar proposed the sharing of hydrocarbon wealth, the connection of electricity networks with a cable through Turkey, the connection to the interconnected system of the European Union and the transition to green energy, while stating that these projects could be carried out effectively through the cooperation of two "states".

Included in the proposal was a proposition for demining certain areas and a way to resolve irregular migration.  Mr. Tatar stated that the Turkish Cypriot side is still open to dialogue and that the proposals he submitted were constructive, in his opinion.

"The proposals of the other side are aimed at the imposition of the Republic of Cyprus," he claimed, while stating that, "these proposals are primarily aimed at the well-being and happiness of the Turkish Cypriot people, but they are also for the benefit of our neighbors," Tatar claimed, adding that, on the contrary, the proposals of the "other side" are aimed more on the unification and imposition of the Republic of Cyprus.

Referring to the letter sent to him on Wednesday by the President of the Turkish Republic, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ersin Tatar said that in this letter, Mr. Erdogan clearly expressed his support for the new policy and the proposals made in this context.

The reception, held in occupied Nicosia, was attended by the "prime minister" Unal Ustel, the "president" of the "supreme court", Narin Ferdi Siefik, the "ambassador" of Turkey to the occupied areas Ali Murat Bastseri, "ministers", "MPs" etc.

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