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Teacher arrested after incident with student

Limassol police arrest a high school teacher and a parent in two separate assault cases


A high school teacher in Limassol was arrested on assault charges, while another man was detained in the same town for allegedly attacking two of his daughter’s female classmates.

According to local media, a male teacher was arrested on Tuesday following a complaint filed with police saying he had attacked and threatened a male student during recess in the school's gym auditorium.

Police did not issue a report about the incident but confirmed with Knews that the teacher was detained for questioning and later released.

The teacher had asked the student to turn off the music, with the teenager replying that they had permission from the school principal

Additional media reports said the teacher had asked the student to turn off the music that was playing through the auditorium speakers, with the teenager replying that they had permission from the school principal. The teacher reportedly then threatened to harm the student with the teen responding that he had no night to touch him.

Reports said the situation then evolved into a physical altercation with the teacher allegedly grabbing the student by the neck and threatening to throw him off the stage.

The complaint was filed with police by the student’s father, who also claimed his son as well as other students at that school were being bullied by the accused teacher.

“I seek justice,” the father told a TV news programme.

Father confronts daughter’s classmates

A second incident also ended up with an arrest in Limassol on the same day, with a 46-year-old father allegedly assaulting verbally and physically two female students.

The incident took place at a local high school where a fight had taken place earlier between the two girls and the suspect’s daughter.

Police did not provide any details but told Knews both suspects were released while both cases were being investigated.

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