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Teen loses leg after car plows into girl squad

Young driver detained after vehicle in Lakatamia slams into girls standing outside supermarket


Four teenage girls were injured in a car accident on Saturday in Lakatamia, with one undergoing surgical amputation, after a car out of control slammed into the group who were standing outside a concrete fence at a supermarket.

Police said a car driven by an 18-year-old male on Thursday night in Lakatamia, west Nicosia, went out of control as it was exiting a service road and slammed into both sides of the pavement before striking a group of teenage girls.

The car was coming out of a service road when it struck both sides of the pavement before slamming into the four girls in front of a concrete wall outside an adjacent supermarket

The incident took place near a coffee shop Saturday late night at 11:50pm when the car coming out of Nikou Kavvadia Road, adjacent to a Lidl supermarket parking lot, was heading towards Spiridonos Trikoupi Street when it struck first the right then left sides of the pavement before slamming into four 16-year-old girls standing in front of a concrete wall outside nearby AlphaMega supermarket.

Police said one girl was critically injured and was rushed to the Emergency Room at Nicosia General Hospital where doctors conducted a surgical amputation of her leg. Another girl, also taken to the hospital for surgery, was said to be in serious condition after suffering a broken leg as well as rib cage cracks and a pelvic fracture.

The driver and his front seat passenger, also an 18-year-old male, were not harmed in the incident, while the two other girls were treated for minor injuries.

Police said the driver, who was detained on a court warrant following the incident, had tested negative for alcohol and drugs.

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