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Teens detained in Paphos school incident

Young intruders who allegedly assaulted assistant principal detained for questioning


Three teenagers have been arrested in connection with a school incident in Paphos, where an assistant principal was pushed to the ground and verbally assaulted.

According to police, three males -two 16-year-olds and a 15-year-old- were detained for questioning on Tuesday evening, following a complaint filed by a state school assistant principal in Paphos.

Reports said the educator saw the youths entering the school premises and went to tell them off, with the unruly teens responding by striking her in the back and pushing her to the ground.

The assistant principal filed a formal complaint, saying the teens pushed her to the ground and verbally assaulted her using foul language

Police initially told Knews no complaint had been filed with police, with law enforcement officials taking action to address the incident.

But an official report later said the assistant principal did file a formal complaint, saying the teens pushed her to the ground and verbally assaulted her using foul language.

Police who investigated the alleged incident later detained the three boys based on witness accounts and other information. The suspects were formally charged and released, while they are expected to appear in court on misdemeanor charges.

Unconfirmed reports said the three teens, who were not attending the school in question, had gone to there to cause trouble with other students and came across the educator who had asked them to leave.

State teachers union officials have called on the government to put in place measures protect students and teachers. They also have been up in arms with the government over recent measures, saying evaluation programs and semester exams applied this year were not carefully planned.

Teachers also say they have been calling on the education ministry to boost security in schools.

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