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05 June, 2023
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Temporary residence permit granted for Mohamed Kamara

According to the Ministry, both Mohamed and his wife were given numerous opportunities to legalize their residence which they not only failed to take advantage of but ignored

Source: Announcements

Mohamed Kamara, the 41-year-old former African footballer (Nea Salamina, Doxas, Olympiacos Nicosia), has been granted a special permit that will last until the end of July 2023. This directive comes from the minister of the interior.

In an earlier report, Mohamed, a native of Sierra Leone, and his family were informed that he would be sent back to his home country because he does not meet the requirements for legal residency.

Statement from the Ministry of Interior

"The Ministry of Interior wants to reiterate that the aforementioned couple were given numerous opportunities to legalize their residence, which they not only failed to take advantage of but ignored, making them illegal in the Republic. This is in reference to recent reports that a former footballer and his family of Sierra Leonean descent had their request for residence in the Republic denied.

"Today, the Interior Minister requested and received a thorough family history as well as all pertinent correspondence stored in the personal files, confirming the accuracy of the earlier decisions.

"Nevertheless, the Minister of Interior has directed that a special permit for humanitarian reasons be issued until July 20, 2023, when the current school year ends, taking into account the best interests of the children. This is provided that in the interim, the foreigner and his spouse apply to the Department of Population and Immigration Records for a residence permit and legalization of their stay in the Republic."

[This article was translated from its greek original]


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