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COVID: 10 deaths and 3,625 new cases

These are the numbers announced by the Ministry of Health on Friday for the 4th to the 10th of November

Source: CNA

The Health Ministry announced on Friday that between November 4 and November 10, six deaths occurred due to COVID-19. Three more deaths occurred in 2021 and another one occurred the week before, but these were reported later to the Ministry. A total of 72,556 tests were carried out and 3,625 new cases were detected. The positivity rate (PR) now stands at 5%.

Two males aged 86, three males aged 84, 83, and 68 and an 85-year-old female passed away this week. The other four deaths that had occurred before concerned three males aged 92, 91 and 84, and a female aged 77.

The total number of deaths since the pandemic broke out rose to 1,210.

Sixty-nine patients are getting treatment in hospitals and 9 are in serious condition (2 are intubated and 7 are in an ACU).

Moreover, 3 patients who are no longer infectious are intubated in an ICU.

The PCR tests were 2,297, 186 cases were reported (PR 8.1%), while the rapid tests were 70,259 and 3,439 came back positive (PR 4.89%).

On private initiative, a total of 1,837 PCR tests were conducted and 116 cases were detected (PR 6.31%). The rapid tests were 44,123 and 3,186 came back positive (PR 7.22%).

A total of 26,136 rapid tests were conducted via the Ministry's programs and 253 cases were reported. In testing units, 13,833 tests were carried out and 138 cases were reported (PR 1%).

In elementary schools, 1,306 rapid tests were conducted and 4 came out positive (PR 0.31%). In high schools, 1,327 tests were done and 2 cases were reported (PR 0.15%).

In the army 203 tests were done and 6 came back positive (PR 2.96%).

In nursing homes, 63 cases were recorded in a total of 5,162 rapid tests (PR 1.22%) while in closed units 40 tests were positive from a total of 4,305 (PR 0.93%).

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