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Thieves target third luxury outlet in Limassol

Alarm goes off a third time as burglars snatch expensive clothes and designer handbags


Police are scratching their heads in Limassol in the latest burglary, the third such incident in less than 30 days, with thieves managing to get away with luxury clothing and expensive bags.

On Wednesday early morning, burglars targeted an exclusive clothing store in Limassol, on a coastal road in the southern town.

Police told Knews it was too early to draw conclusions on whether the latest incident is connected with the two previous fur coat jobs

The perpetrators, who had their faces covered, used physical force to break in through the main entrance and then broke a second glass door with a piece of rock. While the alarm went off, reports said they managed to get away with an undisclosed value expensive clothing and designer handbags.

Last week, a similar burglary took place in Yermasoyia, where stolen fur was later estimated at about €300,000. And in late October, another burglary took place when one of the suspects appeared at the storefront of a luxury fur coat outlet, in front of a security camera.

The total value of stolen goods in the two previous burglaries were estimated to be over half a million, according to Kathimerini Cyprus. 

But police told Knews it was too early to draw conclusions on whether the incidents are connected. Asked if this was another fur coat hit, they said the store was selling primarily luxury clothing and expensive bags.

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