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Tourist describes scenes from resort town hit by hurricane

Seven people lost their lives during the storm in Halkidiki

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

A tourist from Moldova described how people started running when a freak storm hit the seaside resort town of Nea Potidea in Halkidiki, the region affected by the severe weather which resulted in six deaths late Wednesday night.

“Everything happened suddenly. At some point everyone started running. At first some people thought it was a joke,” a tourist from Moldova told state-run news agency ANA-MPA on Thursday.

“When we reached our room, everything was dark, there was no power. We went to the balcony and saw all the trees had fallen.”

She said, when the rain stopped, somebody started shouting that there were people trapped under the trees.

“We looked for about two hours and the man who found them started shouting, ‘they are here!’” she told the news agency, refering to the Russian man and a toddler who were killed.

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