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Tourist dies during boat outing in Protaras

Authorities waiting for autopsy to shed light on British tourist’s death in Konnos


Authorities are puzzled over the death and identity of a 28-year-old British tourist, who lost consciousness during a boat outing in Konnos bay.

Police say they received a tip Sunday afternoon regarding a person who was swimming in Protaras’ Konnos bay and was seen from a distance being pulled out of the water by people on a private leisure boat anchored in the area.

The man reportedly was with two friends on the boat and he lost consciousness while swimming in the water, according to local reports.

A Coast Guard vessel rushed to the private boat where they picked up the tourist, transporting him to shore where an ambulance was standing by.

Upon arrival in the Emergency Room at Famagusta General Hospital, doctors tried to keep the man alive but he passed away and was pronounced dead moments later.

Local reports say the Briton was vacationing in Cyprus with two friends from another European country, who did not know how to reach family or relatives of the deceased.

Authorities contacted the British High Commission in Nicosia in an effort to notify the man’s relatives.

A state forensic pathologist is expected to conduct a post mortem exam on Tuesday morning.

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