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Tourist's nightmare continues - Five in custody in Ayia Napa

Five foreigners face charges in alleged sexual assault case

Charalambos Stylianou

In a legal proceeding set to commence on October 5 at the Permanent Criminal Court of Famagusta, five individuals, aged 20 and 19, and identified as foreigners, have been formally accused of their involvement in aiding police investigations. The inquiry revolves around the alleged sexual assault of a tourist that transpired on September 3 in the resort town of Ayia Napa.

The charges levied against these individuals are extensive and encompass serious offenses, including rape, sexual assault with penetration, coerced sexual acts, sexual harassment, indecent assault against a woman, kidnapping, and forced intercourse.

Today marked a significant development in the case as the detention order for the five suspects reached its expiration. In response, investigators promptly escorted them to the Famagusta District Court, where the legal proceedings have been officially registered.

The court, presiding over this matter, has taken the decision to detain these five foreign nationals until Tuesday, September 19. During this interim period, the court will thoroughly examine a request from the public prosecutor seeking to maintain their custody until the trial gets underway.

The victim, a 20-year-old tourist, courageously reported to the local police that she had fallen victim to a disturbing incident of sexual assault, allegedly involving a group of individuals, while staying at a hotel in the serene seaside town of Ayia Napa.

The investigation has amassed substantial evidence against the five foreign individuals involved. Among them are two 20-year-olds and three 19-year-olds, all of whom were apprehended in connection with the ongoing case.

The rigorous investigation into this matter is under the purview of the Famagusta Criminal Investigation Department (CID), as they diligently work to ensure justice prevails in this troubling incident.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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