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Turkish invasion 1974, Cyprus remembers

Sirens unite citizens on remembrance day


Sirens will once again ring out across all cities this year, as part of the commemorative events marking the somber anniversaries of the coup attempt and the Turkish invasion. The Political Defense Force recently announced that on July 15th, at 8:20 in the morning, the sirens will sound, coinciding with the precise moment the coup attempt unfolded. Similarly, on July 20th, at 5:30 in the morning, the sirens will reverberate, symbolizing the commencement of the Turkish invasion.

The decision to activate the sirens stems from the announcement made by the Political Defense Force. This gesture serves as a poignant reminder of the historic events that took place during those fateful moments in history. As the sirens resound, communities will have the opportunity to reflect on the significance of these anniversaries and pay homage to those who were affected by these tumultuous times.

By using the universal language of sound, the sirens aim to evoke a sense of unity and remembrance among the citizens. The synchronized timing of the sirens emphasizes the exact times when the coup attempt and the Turkish invasion commenced, allowing individuals to pause and honor the memories associated with these events.

The activation of the sirens serves as a solemn tribute to the past, reminding society of the resilience and determination displayed by the nation during times of crisis. As the alarm rings out, it serves as a call to collectively remember the sacrifices made and the lives lost, while also fostering a sense of solidarity and unity among the people.

As the sirens pierce the air, it is expected that communities across the country will pause, reflect, and remember the events that shaped their history. The sound waves serve as a powerful reminder of the past, urging individuals to never forget the lessons learned and to work towards a future free from such turbulence and strife.

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