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Pseudo-gov't pushes forward with controversial marina project in Varosha

Decision sparks concerns over development plans in disputed area of Cyprus

Newsroom / CNA

The self-declared pseudo-government in the occupied areas has made a decision to proceed with the construction of a marina intended for private boats and tourism development in Varosha, an area belonging to the Republic of Cyprus. This decision, published in the pseudo-official newspaper, states that parcels 57 and 651, registered under the name of the Republic of Cyprus, will be leased to the "Ministry of Finance" for the purpose of building a marina and tourist facilities. The decision claims compliance with the conditions outlined in the Real Estate Law 63/1993 and receiving positive opinions from the "Deputy Prime Minister" and the "Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth, and Environment".

According to information received, these blocks encompass the small natural harbor located outside the fenced area of Varosha, near the Constancia Hotel. Notably, 'Jerry's House,' which served as the harbor master's residence during the English occupation, is situated nearby. Currently, the natural harbor is predominantly utilized by small boats.

This decision by the pseudo-government reflects their intent to further develop tourism infrastructure in Varosha, despite the area being under occupation. The move raises concerns and has drawn attention to the ongoing dispute surrounding the status of Varosha and the Republic of Cyprus's rightful authority over the region.

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