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Two bears held illegally in Nicosia

Unlicensed owner in hot water


Veterinary Service officials have uncovered a startling discovery at an establishment in Nicosia, revealing that two bears were being held in captivity without the required licenses. This revelation, reported by Philenews on Thursday, has sparked legal action and a series of investigations into the owner's activities.

The owner of this facility was found to be lacking both a zoo license and a license for animal intra-community trader/business. This glaring omission from their operation came to light when the Veterinary Service began probing into the establishment's activities. The gravity of the situation led to the owner being reported to the police.

Furthermore, the issue has not escaped the attention of Parliament. Veterinary Service head Christodoulos Pipis informed Parliament about this concerning matter. Pipis, during his presentation to Parliament, disclosed that the owner had been asked to provide the necessary documents for the animals' importation on August 16. However, these crucial documents were never submitted by the owner.

As the situation escalated, on August 28, a Veterinary Service officer took the matter to a local police station, formally filing a complaint. On September 12, the officer in charge of the police station initiated communication with the district veterinary office, alerting them that the lead investigator for the case would soon be in touch with Veterinary Services to provide a detailed statement of facts.

In response to the owner's violation of existing legislation, the Veterinary Service has taken decisive legal action. They have appealed to the Court, seeking to prevent the owner from continuing to keep wild animals on the premises. This move aligns with the relevant laws currently in force, ensuring that the welfare and legality of such establishments are upheld.

This discovery has raised important questions about the regulation of facilities that house wild animals and the necessity of adhering to the appropriate licensing procedures. The legal proceedings that follow will shed light on the extent of the violations and the consequences for those involved in this wildlife controversy.

[With information sourced from Philenews]

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