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Two individuals stripped of French nationalities for planning attacks

One of the individuals, a Franco-Turkish national, had already served time for participating in a terrorist attack in Paris on March 2016

Source: Schengen Visa Info

The government of France has stripped two dual nationals of their French nationality after it was found out that they were planning attacks.

According to a decree published last week in the Official Journal, one of the individuals who has been stripped of their French nationality is a Franco-Moroccan (Unzîle Nûr Sert), and the other one is a Franco-Turkish (Karim Kinali).

Moreover, the same decree revealed that the Franco-Turkish national was sentenced in 2017 for similar reasons.

The French authorities said that the Franco-Turkish national, who now has been stripped of French nationality, participated in an attack in Paris in March 2016, targeting a shopping center, two cafes, and a concert hall in the city.

Commenting on the decision of the government to strip the Franco-Turkish national from French nationality, Sert’s lawyers said that their client has already served her sentence and is now fully reintegrated into society in France, C News explains.

Moreover, the lawyers of Sert said that they would file an appeal against this decree, emphasizing once again that they do not think such a decision is right.

“Our client paid her debt to society by serving her sentence several years ago and is now fully reintegrated. This forfeiture has no other purpose than that of the political display,” the statement of the lawyers reads.

As for the second individual who has been stripped of French nationality, Karim Kanali, C News explained that the Franco-Moroccan national was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2019 for participating in an attack plan in 2015 in Orleans.

According to the Centre for Terrorism analysis, Kanali was part of a plan that, among others, targeted police officers and other authorities.

This is not the first time that the French authorities have decided to strip someone of their French nationality for participating in attacks and representing a threat to public security.

Data provided by the Ministry of Interior of France show that a total of 19 persons have been stripped of their French nationality since 2019.

In line with the current laws that France has, only those who have dual nationality can be stripped of their French nationality. This means that those who only hold French nationality cannot be stripped of it.

The decision to strip someone of their French nationality is taken by the relevant authorities after evaluating all the actions that a certain person has taken. Once the authorities prove that an individual has put public security at risk, a decree is prepared, and then, with the approval of the State Council, a decision is taken.

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