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UK Cypriot behind new DIY coronavirus test

The new test, DnaNudge, that can be carried out at home and substitutes the function of a laboratory, will be rolled out in the UK in the coming weeks


UK Cypriot engineer and professor Chris Toumazou is the mastermind behind a reliable do-it-yourself coronavirus test that is expected to be rolled out in the UK within weeks, reports said.

The DnaNudge, set to cost around £40 (under €45), comes to radically change the current procedures and waiting times involved in getting checked for the virus, as the test provides out-of-lab results within 75 minutes.

At home, users of the tests can collect a nostril stab, which is placed in a ‘cartridge’, which then placed in a ‘nudge box’, where the sample is analysed. Results are sent to users’ phones within just over an hour.

According to Toumazou, “it is effectively a lab in a cartridge.”

Users are notified if the sample was not taken correctly, reducing the chances of any false or inaccurate results.

“You can even look at such small fragments of the RNA (Ribonucleic acid) that allow you to check whether a patient is recovering from or has recently contracted Covid,” Toumazou said, according to reports.

So far, trials have successfully been carried out on 500 coronavirus carriers in at least four London hospitals, while regulators have given the green light for the test to be rolled out in the UK market in coming weeks.

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