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Uncontrolled land sales in occupied territories raise concerns

Ozersai urges public disclosure of foreign land ownership amidst risk of misuse

Newsroom / CNA

Kudret Ozersai, Chairman of the People's Party of the "TRNC", has sounded an alarm over the potential danger posed by unregulated real estate sales via companies in the pseudo-state. Ozersai has demanded immediate transparency regarding the extent of land areas sold to foreigners.

In statements made to Turkish media and published on the TC website Bugun Kipris, Ozersai highlighted an issue of great concern within the occupied territories. Under normal circumstances, companies owned by foreigners are restricted from unlimited land purchases. Ozersai revealed that these companies circumvent the limitations by transferring 51% of their shares to TC citizens, thus avoiding the appearance of foreign ownership. This strategic maneuver permits these entities to acquire substantial amounts of land.

He explained that as time progresses, the ownership of these shares is transferred discreetly to actual foreign owners such as Israelis, Germans, Finns, and Russians. Consequently, large portions of land, previously part of the company's assets, fall under the domain of foreign corporations. Ozersai noted that this practice effectively bypasses existing restrictions, allowing foreign companies to amass extensive land holdings.

Ozersai called upon the "government" of the pseudo-state to provide answers regarding the total acreage encompassed by these land sales. He questioned whether there was a concentration of land ownership in specific strategic areas and among nationals of particular countries.

Despite security investigations being conducted when foreigners purchase land, Ozersai pointed out that no such inquiries are performed for the owners of companies acquiring vast tracts of land. This lack of oversight has led to a dearth of data on critical issues. Ozersai emphasized that this information gap hampers monitoring, intervention, and public awareness.

Highlighting the significant financial stakes involved, Ozersai expressed concerns about the potential for illicit activities and unethical associations to emerge. He cited allegations of bribery to expedite bureaucratic processes and surmount obstacles related to speculation, acquisitions, and land transfers. In light of this, he proposed urgent regulatory measures for foreign/local companies and underscored the necessity of keeping corrupt politicians away from positions of authority.

Recent reports have also brought to light land purchases by Ukrainian individuals of political stature. Özer Kanli, Director of Kıbrıs newspaper, relayed information from a Kıbrıs TV guest who disclosed that a Ukrainian MP and a Ukrainian deputy minister have acquired residences in the occupied territories and spent prolonged periods there.

Kanli, referring to the "TRNC state" in the pseudo-state, asserted its existence and predicted its eventual global recognition. He acknowledged the significant presence of people from third countries who have embraced the "legitimate existence" of the "TRNC state." Many of these individuals have attained higher education in "universities" within the occupied territories and have achieved influential positions in their home countries.

The influx of foreign residents has created a language diversity challenge in local schools, Kanli noted. He pointed out that individuals from various nationalities such as Pakistanis, Turkmen, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Chinese, Koreans, and Scandinavians have settled in the occupied territories. Kanli underlined that Ukrainians, Germans, Britons, and Russians have also made considerable investments in the region.

Kanli emphasized the transformation of foreign graduates from "universities" into effective ambassadors for the pseudo-state, defying initial skepticism. He declared that this phenomenon has come to fruition.

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