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US school weighs in on commissioner’s inflated resume

University reportedly has no record of former volunteer czar ever attending institution


An American university reportedly never knew about a former volunteerism commissioner in Cyprus, who resigned his position last year amid allegations he manipulated his resume and credentials.

According to Sigmalive, Cypriot authorities have been informed that Yiannis Yiannaki, who stepped down last year as commissioner for volunteerism and non-governmental organizations, never attended a US institution despite listing a degree on his resume.

The rule stickler auditor general said a paper copy showing YIannaki had obtained a degree in 1992 from the United States had signatures of four officials who assumed their positions after 2011

Last year Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides alerted police about an anonymous complaint it had received regarding Yiannaki, after the appointed official declined to submit evidence of his US university diploma.

Michaelides alleged that Yiannaki had submitted a paper copy of poor quality showing he had obtained a degree in 1992 from the United States, while the document had signatures of four officials who assumed their positions after 2011.

The auditor general, a known rule stickler who has been ruffling some feathers left and right over the years, also found that high school grades on Yiannaki’s translated high school report card had been edited by hand.

No official communication has taken place between Cypriot authorities and the US school regarding the diploma, according to Sigmalive, which reported Monday that based on verbal communication the school “never knew or saw” the person in question.


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