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US Senate approves $95.3B aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan

Senate overcomes Republican opposition, paving the way for critical assistance in face of global security threats


The Senate approved a $95.3 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan early Tuesday, overcoming resistance from a group of Republicans who argued that the U.S. should prioritize domestic issues. The vote, passing 70-29, came after a night of debate.

According to a report in the Associated Press, supporters emphasized the importance of aiding Ukraine against Russian aggression. The package includes funds for U.S.-made defense equipment for Ukraine, as well as assistance for Israel's conflict with Hamas, Taiwan's security against China, and humanitarian aid for Gaza.

While the Senate's approval is significant, the package faces uncertainty in the House, where some Republicans, aligned with former President Trump, oppose it. Speaker Mike Johnson expressed doubts, indicating a prolonged process before potential approval by President Biden.

The aid bill initially included border and asylum policy changes, but a bipartisan deal collapsed, leading to a focus on foreign aid alone. The bill's passage marked a win for Senate leaders Schumer and McConnell, despite challenges within the Republican party and concerns over Trump's influence.

[Information sourced from AP News]


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