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US to include Cyprus in army programme

American Embassy in Nicosia says US planning to include Cyprus in military education and training programme


The American Embassy in Nicosia says the United States are looking forward to expanding their military education and training programmes to include Cyprus, with plans to introduce professional and technical courses in 2021.

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According to a press release by the US Embassy in Cyprus, the United States government plans to make International Military Education and Training (IMET) available to the Republic of Cyprus.

“We plan to provide IMET to the Republic of Cyprus beginning in US fiscal year 2021, subject to Congressional appropriations and notification,” the statement said.

The IMET programme typically offers funds to members of foreign militaries to take classes in the United States

IMET is an elite programme administered by the US Defense Department, while eligibility is determined by the Secretary of State.

The programme provides students from allied and friendly nations valuable training and education on US military practices and standards by training future leaders, creating a better understanding of the United States, and establishing a rapport between the US military and the country’s military to build alliances for the future.

IMET is also aimed at enhancing interoperability and capabilities for joint operation, focusing on professional military education, and allowing countries to use their national funds to receive a reduced cost for other DoD education and training.

A statement by embassy officials on Facebook said the move was meant to strengthen US security partnership with the Republic of Cyprus, describing it as an important partner in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The IMET programme typically offers funds to members of foreign militaries to take classes in the United States. Funding to include Cyprus is subject to congressional approval.

Some discussion over reforms within IMET has taken place in the US, with policymakers overwhelmingly supporting the programme for boosting foreign military ties to the country.

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